Traveling in Japan with eBay Internet Shopping

eBay in Japan

Probably most people know that Japan is a heaven for technology, gadgets and all kinds of products that you can imagine between heaven and earth. But did you know, that Japan is also the heaven for home delivery and internet shopping. Not everyone knows this it but Japan is one of those countries that is extremely busy with career services as well as ordinary mail. Anything can be sent from one corner of the country to another with super fast delivery. Not only that, it’s very affordable as well. Unlike in many western countries where courier services are very expensive and even considered a luxury. In this particular country, this is most definitely not the case.

Thanks to such a reliable and fast service not even the Japanese are getting the benefits. Also visitors can take the advantage and order stuff to their hotel room or even guest houses. It has become increasingly popular for those who find a way to break the language barriers. Let’s face it. Shopping on the streets is not always that convenient. If you are fanatic about your stuff, there is one site that you must definitely know and that is the eBay equivalent in Japan. With thousands of sellers you can find very interesting products. And it’s not the case that you could do the same at home because not all of them shop these special products overseas. This is a special treat that can be enjoyed by all.

If you are worried about the English but interested to try it out I have the perfect link for you. Please, for those who want to know exact details read the Japanese eBay article which should enlighten you. While it’s well know to be an auction service, there is a huge amount of new products that are available for immediate purchases. If you are travelling and staying at an accommodation it is recommended that you use that option. For those who are staying longer time with a Japanese family for example, I would further encourage to engage in auction activities too. The stuff you can find is simply mind blowing, and also another thing that is explained within the article is how to translate the website when necessary. In this way you can even get the product descriptions in your own language, pretty neat yeah!

The things I have found from the Japanese eBay are old and rare comics as well as some rare technology items. Such as old “denshi jisho”, which means an electronic dictionary that is very slim and still works. That is the other things important to note. In Japan, a lot of the used products are extremely good quality. I guess it’s just a personality of the Japanese to take good care of their belongings.. which reflects on the used sales market on a huge way. On the down side, many people throw away completely valuable goods just because they are not as well preserved as the standard wish is.

Anyway. If you want to do your shopping original style. Don’t forget to check out eBay Japan. It’s a fun place to loose your money. Even if it is hugely affordable as well. Stay safe, play fun.

Sam Kenneth

A Modern Courage to Travel

Modern City Travel

It is often thought that travel takes a lot of courage. While this may be true in some sense, it often contains a secret code within that words of the people who say so. For example, that not everyone can do it or that some people cannot travel because they lack the courage. I am a classic example of a person who started traveling without any courage. It grew over time by understanding some very basic and even simple things about life itself.

What grew in me, was the ability to try things. Little by little, having crossed many borders, both physical and mental I started to understand. The very experiences that I used to be afraid of, were exactly what I learned to love. It’s important to be aware of the simplicity of this courage. For me, it took me to a place where I could accept a lot of modern things in life.

Without a doubt, having met so many different people during my adventures is a huge influence. But the acceptance of technology in my life has been unthinkable in the past! I saw many successful entrepreneurs and the like, who were doing great and best of all.. carried an incredible sense of freedom! Seeing that I wanted to be like them, and to be myself as the same time. So I ended up purchasing the smallest ever laptop and try to work with it. Soon I was introduced to concepts such as WordPress, WooCommerce, SEO & discount coupons. A lot of new concepts that would rock my world for the rest of my life.

It has yet again grown a kind of courage, to express my self and to just do my thing. If you know what I mean!

Travel Vibes Author,
Sam Kenneth

Tour to Beijing & Chinese Acrobatic Shows

Tour to Beijing & Chinese Acrobatic Shows

One of my all time favorite destinations, in one of my all time favorite countries is Beijing. It is a culturally diverse city, that has all the essence of Chinese roots at it’s best. In this post I will go more in depth and take a Beijing Tour to show you what the city is all about. Hope you love it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Beijing is located in the north part of China, it is the capital of the country and its political and economic center. Being also the center of Chinese emperors during the centuries, Beijing preserved many traces of its long and rich history. You can still find royal palaces,gardens and numerous temples that are left behind all the royal families that ruled China. The great thing about these monuments, especially for tourists, is that they are all open for public.

The area of country where Beijing is located has continental monsoon climate and it is suitable for visiting during the whole year. Winters are cold and dry and summers are hot and humid. However, if you want perfect weather conditions for your visit to Beijing, then you should choose the period from September to November.

The capital of China is the center of art, culture, tradition and delicious specialties, and you will hardly find a place in the world where the interference of old and modern is so strong and concentrated. Beijing is a real pearl of Chinese culture. One of the most interesting sites in Beijing is certainly The Palace Museum, also known as The Forbidden City. It is the oldest and largest ancient imperial palace in the world, actually a complex with more than 9,000 rooms settled in 800 buildings. This complex is heritage left after 24 Chinese rulers that has been turned into a fascinating museum where you can find a huge number of cultural relics and valuable artworks. Among the numerous attractions that you can find in Beijing is also Mausoleum of Mao Zedong and National Museum of China. In the southeast of the city is located Temple of Heaven, that rulers of the dynasties Ming and Qing visited to pray and which is about 3 times bigger that The Forbidden city. This site and many others are a pert of UNESCO World Heritage. West from The Forbidden city is a fascinating Beihai park, one of the oldest, largest and most preserved ancient royal parks in China.

One of the most popular and most visited sites in both China and Beijing itself is the Chinese wall; this huge monument is probably best preserved in the area of the city of Beijing. This world-known attraction is about 6700 km long and consists of walls, towers and fortresses. The most of it dates from the period of Ming dynasty and it is also a World Heritage site. Among many attractions that Beijing offers are the popular Bird’s Nest stadium, Lama Temple, Yuangmingyuan park, Summer Palace and Ming Dynasty Tombs. All these places are something that every tourist has to see in order to get to know Chinese culture and history and admire this ancient civilization.

For those who enjoy nightlife and have the energy to become thrilled with one of the most skillful performances in the whole city, a recommendation of the highest order is the Chaoyang Acrobatic Show. This Beijing spectacle is located right next to the city center in the prestigious Chaoyang District. With several acrobatics shows boasting in the city theaters, it is obvious that the Chaoyang Acrobats are the best in town. With a wide variety of feats presented, it has become a hit amongst not just visitors but especially the Chinese themselves. Go and watch it if you want to see tight rope jumping, gravity defying and other heart pounding stunts. Don’t miss it with the whole family!

It is hard to list all the things Beijing offers to its visitors since it is a unique capital of culture, tradition and history. Besides for the incredible architecture, Beijing is a city of friendly people, tasteful food and great fun. It is definitely one of the top destinations to choose for an unforgettable holiday.

Hope you liked my little tour of Beijing sights and see you next time. I guarantee that I will be covering more of China sometime soon! Thank you.

Sam “Lizard” Kenneth.

What I Love About Asia

Somewhere in Asia

Easily I can say, that one of my all time favorite travel destinations is Asia. Interestingly though this was not always the case. Even at times on the contrary, I might have been against going to Asia. This is because I naturally tend to go to places where tourists don’t bother, they are the most interesting to me. But soon I realised from my first travel to Japan & India, that there was a lot more than just a beaten path.

But best of all I found people that I found easy to relate to. I guess being a kind soul by nature has made it at times challenging to explore more “competitive” countries, such as South America, South Europe. For one thing, the fiery latino personality has been a great journey for me. Which has been a school and a learning experience about my wild side. Despite this, I very quickly felt at ease in a lot of Asian countries. Where people tend to be more attentive and considerate.

This is just generalisation of course, and I should go to in depth examples to actually prove my point. Which I will in future posts of course! And I must say that if anywhere in the world, I have seen the most incompatible travelers in Asian countries. Not being sensitive to a totally new culture setting change bring difficulties, which are a part of the journey though. Everyone needs a bit of good luck, which I have had a lot.

For that I thank my adventurous mind, now blessed to be abled to share it with everyone on my travel blog. Thanks and see you very, very soon my friends.. In an Asian country nearby, that is.

Sam “Lizard” Kenneth.

Sharing my Travel Mind with Friends

Flying Travel

Having experienced a whole lot more than just a few North, and South American countries I can confidently say that I have seen a bit of the world. But that doesn’t mean that I would already know enough. Not just every country is different, but every travel as well. No matter how many times you go to the same country, you will always discover something new. In fact, it becomes such a habit that you end up doing the exact same in your home country. For me, that is one of the greatest gifts I have received from my travels. The ability to look at things always from a fresh and exiting perspective.

If things were to be fixed, it would be rather boring. Which is often the case in ones home country. Even thought it doesn’t have to be that at all. Having discovered all this, I first found it difficult to come back home and connect with my old friends. From which many had not had any similar experiences.

Once I found the confidence to actually open my mouth about what I thought, not just those old topics that I had already become so distached from. Sharing my travels is near impossible and I wont even approach the subject. Instead, I observe my home habitat in a new way and open my mouth about it.

I’ve noticed, that some friends of mine have noticed that my mind has changed in a new and interesting way. In that process they have started to see some things in a new way too. Even up to the point that they start asking about my travels, and that my friends, is the best time to share those stories. When you are sure that they are listening of course!

Watch out for next post,
Sam “Lizard” Kenneth.

Broadening Horizons to China, Beijing & Shanghai

Tiandi Theatre Ticket Window

I am always looking for warm horizons and vibes that broaden my sense of this world. Which can be anything from Chinese acrobatics, to the trip I had in Alaska. Of course, travel is one of the best ways to do that.. and as many of you know, lizards are fast creaters. We can cross deserts if we want to, and in fact I have once in Morocco. But that’s another story, one that I might share in the future. But as the plans and visions are always going full steam ahead, so are my thoughts when I write this blog.

My previous experience in Alaska was simply amazing with little words that could truly describe it. Yet I managed to scribble a few words, which is a good way to go forward with the site in my opinion. It’s just to give the people that are close to me a hint of where I am going and what I am doing. But if you really want to know, you have to come and travel with me. Sometimes I go with friends, but often alone. I am not saying that I don’t want to travel with anyone, it’s just the way things tend to go. Perhaps because not everyone is as adventurous as me and don’t want to do the crazy things that I sometimes do.

Thanks to the digital world however, I can now share a glimpse of that fun with those who wouldn’t want to do such things personally. It’s a pity, but better than nothing right! Oh yeah, you are on the other side of the fence, so there is really nothing I can say to convince you. I know, it’s the fate of a traveler lizard like me. I guess that is one of the reasons why the nickname “lizard” fits me so well, because no one really likes lizards that much. You have to be a bit of a fanatic to get into them, and so is the nature of what they call “sam”, or just “me”. The identity that has grown on me, is always seeking for growth not to be in a mold or fixed shape.

So where to go, well besides Alakas there is one more very exotic place I have no yet went to, and that is China. The People’s Republic that is, has been a fascination for me over the years. With all the news, one just wonders if it’s all that true what they say. And as always, I need to go and check out everything for myself because turns out the experience is different for everyone. I was thinking what I could see or do when I arrive there, and looks like there is just too much to do in cities like Beijing or Shanghai.

Well, I heard good things about the acrobatic show at Tiandi Theatre that looks like a real hit. I kind of have had this dream since I was a kid to see a Chinese acrobatic show. Perhaps it’s time to make this old dream of mine (which I had totally forgotten until I started to do the research), reality that will manifest itself in the form of a trip to China. What do you think guys? I kind of thought to myself that I need to do something really ancient Chinese. Well not knowing much about the country, perhaps the only thing is acrobatics. Either way, I am pretty sure it’s a good place to start with. And for that, I hope that I will have the support of all the good friends.

Now let’s think about it for a moment, something with warm vibes in China.. Lost in the city of Beijing at night, don’t know what to do. No friends, just an idle and ignorant tourist walking around. What do I do? Isn’t it obvious. I go and see an acrobatic show that warms me right up! But what confuses me, is that there are so many theaters in the city of Beijing, as well as Shanghai for what I was checking out.. well, turns out that I am pretty lost in choosing which theater to book tickets to. I noticed that there are a lot of discount tickets available, and to tell you the truth I am a little worried about some kind of Chinese scam. I really must brake this boundary of predujice and find out if there is need to worry. Most probably it’s going to be just one fun experience, with the usual common sense that needs to be added to have a safe trip and that’s all. But lizards like excitement, and look for it.. perhaps it’s in Tiandi Theatre, perhaps not. Please, let me know of great things to do in China in the comments. I really need your help now friends.

Greetings from the warmth,
Sam “Lizard” Kenneth.

PS. Here is the trailer of the famous tiandi theater, now isn’t that awesome!?

PS2. Check out the new theater site!

Trip to Alaska

Alaska Winter

It’s been some weeks and I have finally done it and couldn’t be happier with the results. Turned out I just bought a airplane ticket to Anchorich and took some warm clothes with me. As soon as I arrived, I went to the local outdoor shop to consult the people there. Everyone was so welcoming and understanding. They helped me out to pick the right gear for the trip, including a super warm jacket and a down sleeping bag that would keep me warm even in outdoors during the winter. Also they taught me things like how you need to have many layers of clothing to stay warm and so on.

Then I found a cabin to rent, that was somewere between Anchoriche and Fairbanks. There was no public transportation available, so I had to hitch my way up there! And that was such a fun experience, meeting all the locals.. everyone had interesting stories to tell. And everyone seemed to have come from all over the US. Also it was common that also their friends thought that they were crazy.

It was so beautiful! I stayed in a small cabin that was heated with wood. It was not cold at all, instead it was warmer then usual. At night you could see the Aurora and it was just magic.

A new man,
Sam Kenneth

Facing Fear of Cold

Cold Weather

As previously mentioned I was thinking about shock therapy and got an idea to travel to Alaska in the middle of the winter and try out if I could survive out there. I didn’t want to go alone, so I asked some friends to come along. To my suprise everyone refused and said that I am absolutely crazy. Living alone in some cabin in the middle of the coldest place on earth didn’t sound so bad to me, as long as I had a way to keep warm. Obviously I have difficulty finding the right people who could understan my cause and to help me out to figure out how to prepare for this kind of a quest. Anyway, it sounds very good to me and I hope to take on it soon. I’ll let you all know later how the experiment went.

Wish me luck!

Sam Kenneth

Lizard’s Winter Survival

Bird Enjoying Winter

It’s been one of those winters where it doesn’t get that cold, but at times your bones just get cold. Very different from the nightly cold in Las Vegas, the winter time is an interesting time. Luckily there are many ways to warm up and that’s being active. Especially when there are a lot of people, the heat gets together and warms up everyone. And I am not talking about the casino, instead there are other interesting activities. Such as bowling, darts, going to bars.. you know where this is leading to. Yes, drinking is a way a lizard can survive the winter. It’s an ancient old method that has been proven effective from time to time. Las Vegas has loads of great bars with great atmosphere and people.

The thing is just not to get carried away with it. Little by little is the right attitude and the most effective level of warmth. Drinking a lot, especially beer one can become even more cold afterwords. Other than that, I probably wear pretty thick wool socks. The combination of the two is just excellent.

Drink up and wear socks, there is no need to suffer from the cold. Although I am lately considering if I would do some kind of shock treatment to learn how to survive in even colder climates. Truth is, I have no idea as of yet!

Making it warm,
Sam Kenneth

Why Like This

Earth on Heat

A question I hear from time to time, is how can I stand so much heat. Even on the hottest day, I need my dose of being under the sun. I harvest the energy and with that, I go about with my daily life. If it’s extremely hot, it means I need to take it slow which is just a comfortable state of being. Of course, if I have to hurry and sweat around in a hot climate, I’m not going to have a good time. But it’s just a reminder to take it easy, prepare for things and enjoy life in the moment.

And it doesn’t mean that I need to be in a hot oven inside all the time, I can equally be in a cooler place but I just need to dress warm for the occasion. There are many other ways to be warm too, such as Sauna which is an absolutely favourite mine. Also tea is another hit!

Some people think it’s strange, but for me the heat is something that shapes and guides my life in so many ways. I guess that’s why some call me the Lizard.